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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Special Sale - Book Recommendations

Yes, I am a bonified "book-a-holic".
I wanted to share a brief post I did on my Modern Marks Blog re: a few new book recommendations.  I would love to hear about any books that you would recommend!

Also, we have some Special Sales now:

25% off Leanika and Snow Flower by Dena Fishbein - cottons and home dec cottons and...

25% off of our Halloween, Christmas and winter designs.
Here are some examples of the fabrics:

Here are a few of our Christmas designs.

A selection of Snow Flower.

Some of our Halloween images.


  1. My sewing projects are down at the moment, BUT - I love your fabrics! Synnøve from Norway

  2. Hi, Sondra! I popped over from your comment on my blog. Love what you're doing and I'll be following!

    That Halloween fabric is fantastic!

  3. Hello Synnøve,
    Thank you for your comment! and, thank you for all of your orders. Send us some images of what you are making and we will post them.
    Wishing you all the best in Norway!!

  4. Hello Met,
    Thank you for commenting and for stopping over. I appreciate it.
    Best to you,

  5. I'll do so when all my projects are finished! Thank you for the comments. I really appreciate this. Synnøve from Norway


Thank you for your comment.

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