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Friday, December 3, 2010

Sale & Discount Shipping ends midnight EST - My new markmaking room!!!

Just a reminder, the Cybermonday Sale ends midnight, 12-3 EST.
*20-75% off fabrics, books, etc.
*50% OFF domestic shipping/25% OFF international shipping for orders over $70, shipping discount will be deducted when your order is processed.
*This sale includes everything in the store - Fiber Artists are 10-20% off. Adjustment to your order will be made when it is processed.

I hope that all of you are doing well. We have a snowy day here and are supposed to get a giant snow storm on monday...we will see what happens! Personally, I love the snow. Didn't see much of it growing up outside of Philadelphia and in New Jersey, but in Northeast Ohio...WOW!!!
Anyway, I wanted to share my excitement about my "very near future" room to create in, my personal markmaking room. I am ecstatic about it!!! It was a sunroom but needed new windows and we are adding, heat, phone lines and cable. I have been wanting this for many years, my own space to work on fabric and paper. Here are some images.

On this wall, we can see out to the backyard where we have a ton of bird feeders. There is a huge slider door. Essentially, 3 of the walls of the room are windows, which makes it feel very open.

This is the huge slider door next to the window in the previous image.

This is the opposite wall.

Well, I usually don't post about my personal life, but I really wanted to share this. Please excuse my self-indulgence!

By the way, if you live in northeast Ohio and are looking for an exceptional contractor, call or email Don Kollmorgan @ 440-785-4737 or email him at He does just about everything and is hardworking and meticulous.
Have a very special day,

Last winter...

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