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Monday, January 17, 2011

Notions Sale - 20% off

Good Morning on a Tuesday to you!
I hope that you have a fulfilling day. We carry several interesting products that can enhance your projects and make them easier to do. There will be future posts with links for how to use these products.
All of the items in our Notions/Interfacing Category are 20% off today, please see below:

Mistyfuse, the wonderful fusible for paper or fabric. It has many uses. We carry the original Mistyfuse, Black Mistyfuse and Ultraviolet Mistyfuse.

Lutradur, regular weight and lightweight. We will also be selling the regular weight by the yard when it arrives in a few weeks.

TAP, the wonderful Transfer Artist Paper developed by the artist, Lesley Riley.

Goddess Sheet, the non-stick thermal sheet that remind you which side is up! We carry 2 sizes.

Silicone Release Paper, which is a non-stick applique, transfer and release paper. 

fast2fuse - stiff interfacing with fusing on both sides. We carry the standard weight and the heavy weight by the yard.

Timtex Interfacing with "body".


  1. I found you via etsy - Thanks for the introduction to your blog and shop.

  2. Hello Marcia!
    Thank you for stopping by, much appreciated. I see you are in Florida. Enjoy your warmer weather.
    Best to you,


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