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Monday, May 24, 2010

Frayed Flowers from Fabric Scraps by Maize Hutton.

A simple and satisfying project that uses some of the fabric scraps laying around your craft room is a frayed flower.  This project was developed by Maize Hutton and published in GreenCraft.

Supplies Needed:
  • Fabric scraps
  • Button
  • Needle and thread
  • Pin back or safety pin
  • Scissors


1.  Find some scrap fabric.  I selected a lightweight canvas that had a loose weave in the very popular purple colorway.

2. Make a small snip into the fabric.

3.  Rip fabric along snip.

4.  Make another snip 1" from the first snip and tear along the length of your fabric.  Mine looked like this strip, approximately 1" x 44, and frayed quite nicely.

5.  I used a long machine stitch with reduced tension and stitched a running stitch along the length of the strip, 1/4" from the edge.

6.  Fold the raw, short edge under and begin to pull up the running stitch.

7.  Pull up the thread to gather one long edge of the fabric strip.  It will look something like this tangled fabric snake:

8.  Using a needle and thread, begin at one end of the strip and take a few stitches.  Rotate the fabric in a circle with the gathered edge at the center to create a flower.

9.  Continue rotating the fabric around the center and securing it with stitches on the back side.

 10.  When the fabric strip is used up, add a button to the center and stitch.

11.  On the back side of the flower, sew a pin.

12.  Enjoy your pin as a fashion accessory or as an accent to a purse or tote!

Thank you, Jane of Maiden Jane for the tutorial/demonstration! Check out her T-Shirt Quilt Pattern on Etsy.

Reference: GreenCraft Magazine, Winter 2010 Issue pg. 68 (Stampington and Co.) - Frayed Flowers from Fabric Scraps by Maize Hutton.

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